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At Dubai London Clinic the wellness and anti-aging department consists of a team of dedicated professionals helping you to focus on feeling better and looking better.  We use the latest international technologies, advanced treatments and the best trained medical professionals in the world to help reveal a renewed, refreshes and revitalised you. With your lifestyle assessment and your laboratory results, our physician can prescribe the perfect blend of diet and supplements nutraceuticals and tailored hormonial treatment to fit your need.

Our Anti-ageing Specialist is highly trained and a internationally certified doctor. We create and tailor programs specially for our individual clients. This allows us to create customised programs and supplements which not only rejuvenate, but won’t damage precious organs such as the liver and kidney.

Hormone related Anti-Ageing Services offered includes:

To know more,  we advise you make your appointment with Dr. Anna Sepiolo today so you can discuss your Anti-Ageing Needs. Dr. Anna is American Board Certified in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine.