Dr. Osama Attar Bashi

Consultant Paediatrician


Dr. Osama Attar Bashi is a Board certified Physician and Paediatrician. He currently practices general and newborn paediatrics. Dr. Osama received his medical degree from the University Of Baghdad College Of Medicine and completed his residency in paediatrics. Since then, he has accumulated a wealth of experience as a paediatrician, first in Iraq as resident physician and paediatrician with some of the country’s top teaching hospitals, then in Jordan as Attendant Physician and Consultant Paediatrician. He began working in the UAE in 1999, practicing in both general paediatrics as well as newborn and premature baby paediatrics.

For the last 15 years, he worked as Consultant Paediatrician and Department Head at Baraha Hospital in Dubai, where he was responsible for inpatient care at the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit, and outpatient care at the hospital’s paediatric unit. In addition to his years of experience as a practitioner, Dr. Osama brings a vast knowledge and expertise gained from enrolment in specialty training course and clinical programs at some of the world’s most renowned hospitals and institutions, including in the UK and, recently, the Hospital for Sick Children in Canada.

Dr. Osama is passionate about preventative health care issues. He has a special interest in problems related to breast feeding and is a US certified International Lactation Consultant, a title he has held since 2002. In addition to his duties as a medical practitioner, Dr. Osama is passionate about training the next generation of doctors. He has been heavily involved in medical education programs and, from 2008 to 2014, served as Assistant Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Sharjah College of Medicine Department of Paediatrics. In this role, he supervised upper year medical students and integrated their transition into medical practice in a hospital setting.

In his new role in Dubai London Clinic & Speciality Hospital, Dr. Osama will use his vast wealth of experience and expertise to achieve the best health outcomes for his paediatric patients.

Special interests

General Paediatrics & Neonatal Care

Languages Known

Fluent in English, Basic French and Arabic


Member of ILCA
Member of Emirates Medical Association
Member of Jordan Medical Association

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