Winter is not always about fashionable clothing, furry jackets, and long leather boots. It brings more misery than joy as our skin begins to react to the extremely dry weather that sometimes becomes too painful to bear.

Why does winter bring dermatology issues along?

Every season has its own perks and side-effects which the humans have to live with and adjust accordingly. While summers often become too much to bear with the scorching heat, the winter season also has a different kind of negative effects. No doubt the weather conditions are pretty much natural and alright to witness as predicted by forecast authorities.
However, before figuring out the solutions to some irritable and painful skin conditions in winter, it is important to understand as to why it happens in the first place. This way it would be easier to look for remedies and precautions instead of unnecessarily worrying about it.
Here are some of the reasons why the winter season causes terrible skin conditions:

  1. The weather is dry in winters when humidity level becomes exceedingly less. This causes the skin to react accordingly when it comes extremely dry and forms patches and flakes.
  2. The UV rays are there in winters like it is supposed to be, however, we don’t feel it much due to low temperature. This makes us assume that the rays do not cause any harm when in reality, it induces the same destruction as it does in summers.
  3. As compared to the summer season, windy, dusty, and stormy weather conditions are felt more in winters. This is due to the reason that the temperature is low which also causes the atmosphere to be more fragile than ever.

All of these reasons are enough to understand the causes and consequences of irritating skin condition, also known as dermatology issues. Hence, wrapping up in layers of clothing is not enough to protect the body but taking preventive measures is also vital.

Common dermatology issues in winter

The skin becomes immensely dry causing it to tear off. This is the most common issue that almost everyone faces and is not a big deal.
Itchiness is caused by dry skin but it happens only in severe cases. Consequently, the skin starts to bleed due to continuous violent itching.
Flaky skin
Flaky skin is really bad as it causes great discomfort especially at cornered areas of the body such as ankle, fingertips, and chin.

Patches of dry skin mostly on legs and arms is another common issue in winter. It makes your skin go black after some time and takes a lot of time to vanish.

Redness is something that might not be severe but it definitely causes irritation when the person also feels a burning sensation when exposed to water or moisturizing creams.

Allergy is another form of redness but a serious one. It starts from the skin becoming red, dry, itchy, and turning into patches after some time.

Chapped lips
Chapped lips are something that almost everyone experiences in winter. The best way to avoid is to keep the lips moisturized all the time.

Cracked heels
Cracked heels look really bad and cause soreness if not treated. Try not to use too much water for washing otherwise it might become painful to deal with.

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