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By definition, stem cells are precursor cells that can self-renew or duplicate with the capability of transforming into more cells of the same type or multiple other types of cells. They are able to differentiate into cells of skin, heart, bone, muscle, cartilage, hair, brain, etc. In essence, it represents “blank slates” that can evolve into whatever the body needs and replenish the dead cells of various organs in adult human body. Accordingly, they play a fundamental role in inducing the regeneration and regrowth of diseased, dysfunctional, injured or aging body tissue. That is why Stem Cell Therapy is globally-believed to be a scientific breakthrough, promising potential treatment for many diseases and touching just about every area of medicine.

It could be hard to believe, but the cure to the problem that has been daunting your health could already be inside your body. Welcome to the all-new era of Stem Cell Therapy, in which scientists from all over the world are currently exploring the potentials for growing new body organs and healing ailing or aging ones by using the patients’ own stem cells.  The fact is, so many have been living with pain and disability or frustrated with the visible signs of aging on their skin, and quite a lot of them have been informed that they are in need for surgical intervention or other risky complex treatments for their ailments.

Nevertheless, and with the whole world talking nowadays about this revolutionary treatment and its promising results, Stem Cell Therapy offers a choice to those informed patients who seek a safer, non-surgical and highly-advanced regenerative therapy that teaches the body to heal from within and serves as the `brick and mortar` to repair the body tissues.

How can athletes benefit from stem cell therapy?

Every day, athletes are putting their bodies to the test, with some days being more demanding than others, but each day passes is another step closer to reach excellence in their favorite sport. However, they ought to understand that there are limitations to how far they can push their bodies, and that exceeding such limits can have a negative impact on their bodies and makes them liable to serious injuries.

Regardless of the type of sport, sports-related musculoskeletal injuries and pain are commonplace. According to the type of injury and its severity, healing and recovery might take time and this is something professional athletes can barely afford when they want to get back into the game. Recently, Stem Cell Therapy has emerged as a breakthrough game changer for combating pain, accelerating healing and recovery and without complex and time-demanding treatments or surgical intervention. Globally, word of mouth of Stem Cell Therapy is gaining momentum and the number of athletes that partake in this treatment is swiftly on the rise, with more and more athletes experiencing the benefits of its speed and efficacy in restoring function and mobility.

By harvesting the body`s own stem cells from its own adipose (fat) tissue and re-injecting these cells into the injured tissues, we are providing the natural resources essential to regenerate healthy tissues for an efficient tissue repair and swift healing. This highly-advanced treatment has reduced the need for prescription medications (with its long list of side effects and restrictions) and/or surgery, and is proving to be a safer and effective solution for athletes striving to eliminate pain and speed up recovery from many sports-related injuries such as tendonitis, torn meniscus, sprains and strains, Achilles tendonitis, rotator cuff tears, among others.

Stem Cell Therapy is no more exclusive for top sportspeople competing at the highest level of competition. Whether you’re a professional athlete, a weekend warrior or simply trying to remain in shape, injury and pain can strike anyone, and regenerative medicine treatments like stem cell therapy can be your appropriate solution. Dubai London Clinic offers the most cutting-edge regenerative therapies in the region. We not only have a team of top-notch expert doctors to treat you, we offer the latest in ground-breaking biological solutions; Stem Cell Therapy.

If you are an athlete and interested to know more about Stem Cell Therapy and its role in treating sports-related injuries, do not hesitate to give us a call. You can also meet us at the Dubai Muscle Beach 2019; Dubai`s fun outdoor fitness event hosting different sports activities and competitions such as IFBB Amateur Championship and Fitness & Fashion Competitions. Event will be held on March 28 -30, at the Michael Johnson Performance Center in Port Rashid.

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