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Having a head full of hair is as fundamental to men as it is to women. To women, it has been a chief accessory of beauty ever since the dawn of history, and for men, it augments their sense of maleness, enhances their looks and makes them feel being more attractive.


Worldwide, one of the most common drawbacks of age progression for both men and women is hair loss. Even though hair loss is an inevitable process of life (just like facial wrinkles), who welcomes to be saddled with baldness? And the tragedy is more profound if it occurs early during the prime years of life.


Hair loss is a dreaded process and could be nerve-racking and emotionally-caustic for some. Whether it’s due to genetics, poor nutrition, minerals deficiency, stress, pollution, hormonal disturbance, or simply due to ageing, hair loss (baldness or noticeably-thinning hair) can be a difficult experience.


Nevertheless, hair loss isn’t as bad or as hopeless as it used to sound! Thanks to the groundbreaking advancements in the field of medicine, both men and women now have access to novel hair loss solutions which are both proven and effective.


Among the proven solutions for hair loss are the surgical hair transplantation technique (commonly known as “The Strip” Technique) and the traditional Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Both procedures, for years now, have represented a craze not only for those who have lost their hair to premature fall but even for those who want to modify their hairlines or attain a more attractive mane:


Surgical “Strip” technique involves the surgical extraction of the entire strip(s) of the skin of the scalp (from areas where the hair is not sensitive to genetic hair loss, e.g. back and sides of the head) which are then broken down into smaller, individual grafts. The grafts are then transplanted in bald spots in the front and crown of the head. This procedure, however, comes with considerable cons; the most notorious is prominent scarring, slower healing time (= longer recovery), high risk of scalp stretching, lingering pain as well as hair thinning in the donor area.


Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique is a minimally invasive procedure that involves shaving the back of the head and then removing individual hair follicles, as opposed to taking an entire strip of the scalp. This leaves no linear scar behind like in case of the “strip” technique. The hair follicles removed from the donor site are then transplanted hair-by-hair in the bald area. The donor site heals relatively well, with only small dots are noticeable but these are covered by the surrounding hair. Nevertheless, the hair taken from the donor area will never grow back again.


Natural hair regrowth in the donor area(s)?


Both techniques can help bring back what looks like a full — or at least a fuller — head of hair. However, none can allow for the regrowth of hair in the donor area(s) which, till recently, was an unattainable challenge for scientists and hair experts all over the world. 


Nowadays, the evolving of the minimally-invasive Partial Longitudinal Follicular Unit Extraction technology; known as “Hair StemCell Transplantation” poses as a favourable ‘asylum` for potential candidates, with those who heretofore would never have considered having a hair transplant are now coming forward. Developed by the world-famous Dutch physician, scientist and researcher Coen Gho, Hair StemCell Transplantation is a ground-breaking discovery that has been published in various influential peer-review journals such as the British Journal of Dermatology. It represents a refined form of hair transplantation that asserts transforming the future of hair regrowth worldwide.


Unlike previously-detailed procedures, Hair StemCell Transplantation utilizes individual hair follicular unit grafts to rebuild hairline, combat hair loss while allowing for hair regrowth in donor areas, thus creating natural results that are indistinguishable from the real thing. The concept of this breakthrough technology is to extract donor hair stem cells from the scalp`s existing hair follicles in a very minimally-invasive way. In this unique technology, we don`t remove the entire hair follicle – as much hair stem cells as possible are left to allow for natural hair regrowth in the donor area. Parts of hair follicles are harvested with a very tiny needle (much smaller than the one used in the standard FUE treatment) which offers two unique, unmatched advantages; the tissue extracted contains small of the hair stem cells but sufficient to produce new hair in both receiving AND donor areas, plus virtually no scarring whatsoever.


Next stage is to have these grafts inspected one by one then implanted into the person`s balding areas. Again, the tiny needle used allows us to implant more grafts per 1 sq cm for a much higher hair density.


Hair StemCell Transplantation, in expert hands, offers an array of advantages which include minimal risk of visible scarring (because of the tiny harvesting device), virtually no risk of rejection or reaction, multiple transplants can be done in a single donor area because of hair regrowth, full healing of the receptor areas within few days, as well as natural and long-lasting results. Done under local anaesthesia, the procedure is virtually-painless and final results can be witnessed within six months to one year after the procedure.


Unlike traditional hair transplantation techniques still adopted by many, Hair StemCell Transplantation is a highly personalized treatment for both men and women, determined by hair colour and structure, as well as the general condition of hair and skin. It is not exclusive for scalp hair but can be effectively used for eyebrow, moustache or beard regrowth, in addition to scars and burn wounds. Moreover, with Hair StemCell Transplantation, we can determine the growth direction of the new hair; for terrifically natural-looking results.

Nowadays, we are at the threshold of a revolution in the field of hair restoration. This has been trail-blazed by the escalating worldwide demand for the minimally-invasive technology; Hair StemCell Transplantation, which stands tall as an ideal substitute for traditional “strip” hair transplantation surgery and Follicular Unit Extraction.

Hair fall no longer has to be permanent and you have the opportunity to look and feel like yourself again. With innovative procedures such as Hair StemCell Transplantation mastered exclusively by us, we offer you an unrivalled solution … You do it once in your life – CHOOSE WISELY!


Dr. Szymon Kolacz, MD, PhD

Plastic & Aesthetic Surgeon
Hair Transplantation Expert

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