Living with a Bunion; Do You Really Have To?


How many times you`ve thought it`s about time to do something about that painful, large and unsightly bump protruding out of the outside of your big toe joint?

World-widely known as `bunion` (or `hallux valgus` as doctors prefer to name), this bump is a deformity of the joint between the foot and the big toe (metatarsophalangeal joint) and in which the joint is pushed outward and away from the foot, causing the big toe itself to point inward toward the other toes of the foot.


Daily, we walk thousands of steps and with years of such repetitive load on our feet, the joint – of some of us – gradually moves out of its proper position causing bending of the overlying skin of the foot with subsequent pain, swelling and tenderness. With also the joint itself becoming very stiff and sore, it is not so hard to imagine why bunions can cause such devastating pain.


With no deformity of the forefoot occurring more frequently than bunions, it represents not only an aesthetic concern, but also a real problem that can affect anyone between 18 – 60 years of age. There are certain predisposing factors such as genetics, arthritis, flat feet and, saving the worst for last, ill-fitting shoes. The later makes women much more commonly affected than men, because they are in the habit of frequently wearing narrow, high-heeled shoes while having more flexible soft tissues.


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