Healthcare Accreditation and the Authentication of Excellence


It’s not hard to overemphasize the importance of accreditation in healthcare. There`s quite a difference between striving to impress others by saying that you`re a good doctor, and displaying to them your Board or Fellowship of the Royal College Degree.


Over the past 2 decades, the global demand for high quality in healthcare has increased due to various healthcare field forces such as growing competition, escalating health orientation, medical tourism, health insurance trend, worldwide corporate growth and last but never least, the continual rise in patients` level of expectations for service quality.


Accordingly, the world has witnessed the introduction of various national and international accreditation bodies to serve the role of quality assurance method, thus enhancing patients` access to better quality healthcare services. In essence, the standards of accreditation worldwide are based on the principles of quality assurance, evidence based practice, preclusion of errors related to medical service and medical ethics. Simply put, healthcare accreditation plays a pivotal role in filling gaps and abolishing various areas of deficiency and eventually establishing quality standards, streamlining operations, improving quality of care, boosting professional accountability as well as building quantifiable excellence. It poses as an authentic stamp of endorsement for the healthcare organization, depicting its steadfast adherence to top industry standards and best practices.


It goes without saying that any community`s level of reliance and confidence in any given healthcare organization receives a tremendous boosting through accreditation; it propagates the strongest message that the accredited organization continuously practices and delivers quality services of international-standards, and also operates in the best interests of its patients thus allowing it to be benchmarked with the best in global healthcare industry.


True to its mission, Dubai London Clinic has been keeping track with the global standards in healthcare for the past 32 years. The veteran of UAE healthcare field has established itself as a reliable healthcare provider to Dubai residents of all age groups.


As such, and reflecting the organization`s dedication and commitment to meeting the highest standards and regulatory requirements established by the world`s top accreditation organizations, Dubai London Clinic with its elite dental wing has been proudly granted the re-accreditation of the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS) which depicts the organization`s elite operational performance and its relentless commitment to provide safe and effective patient care with international standards. It`s a testament to our elite quality healthcare for our valued patients and their families, and the confidence and trust we instigate.


The Australian Council on Health care Standards (ACHS) is recognized as the leading health care accreditation body in Australia and now meets overseas requests for a quality healthcare accreditation program through ACHS International (ACHSI). Being accredited by The Australian Council on Health care Standards International (ACHSI), healthcare organizations become a conceited member of an international group of top-notch medical facilities that rely on a consumer focus in care and service provision, effective leadership, continuous improvement and constant striving for best practice.


Interested in a rallying cry for boosting your organization`s quality of services? Learn more about the Australian Council on Health care Standards International Accreditation Program, how to prepare for it and the accreditation process from Mr. Michael Giuliano; Executive Director – International Business, who will be visiting Dubai between 10-13 February and in Abu Dhabi from 14-16 February.


Mr. Michael will be reachable at ( or through phone (+61 447 925 400).


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