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Wellness, in its variable forms, was often perceived by the majority as a luxury commodity that`s exclusively accessible to the wealthy. Likewise, wellness spas were considered as merely the providers of lavish pampering and beauty services for the well-off sectors of any society.


Well, those days are long gone now! Worldwide, people are becoming more health-oriented with more and more taking charge of their wellbeing and searching for solutions that facilitate their quest for wellness and health.


All over the globe, a new health-minded trend is emerging which propels people of the newer generations towards seeking alternative health and wellness options that are stylish, cool, trendy and also, accessible. The reasons are quite obvious. In addition to rising environmental concerns, everyone nowadays is suffering from the mounting pressures of today`s modern style of life: increasingly frantic and tedious schedules; the lack of proper leisure time; the burdens of being unable to detach oneself from work obligations; and the continuous barrage of information and external stimulation through multiple media, especially digital ones.


over the past 2 decades, the concept of wellness has risen to become a prevailing lifestyle value that is overwhelmingly transforming people`s behavior and changing the rules of engagement for the markets worldwide, with wellness spas spearing the way in fostering this.

Defined by the International Spa Association as “places devoted to well-being through a variety of professional services that encourage the renewal of the mind, body, and spirit”, wellness spas industry is experiencing a record-breaking growth worldwide nowadays with more and more clients finding themselves drawn to those wellness-promoting and stress-defusing oases in the wake of frenzied, hectic and hysterically-connected lifestyles.


With the demand for wellness spas growing around the world, the global spa market is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.7% during the forecast period 2018 to 2023. And Dubai is never away from stardom. The superlative Emirate harbors one of the fastest growing spa markets in the world, thanks to the conspicuous economical growth, the burgeoning tourism field and the super-stable political environment. Dubai is the haven to some of the world`s most elegant wellness spas; the tranquil escapes to retreat to for a treat of lavish wellbeing and relaxation, holistic health and wellness, as well as healing therapies.


Fostering the rising global trend towards health, wellness and medical tourism, the countdown has begun for the fifth World Spa & Wellness Conference taking place on 17 – 18 February 2019 at the Festival Arena, Dubai. The conference brings together leaders and visionaries of the global wellness industry, and represents an idyllic networking event for CEOs and owners of spas, hotels and wellness centers. With an international following and attracting delegates from Europe, Asia, Middle East and America, this strategy-focused conference allows executives to share experiences of operating successful spas, look at the way prosperous business is done and to create new, collaborative and ultramodern models for the future.


“Dubai is a vivacious, exhilarating and business-centric destination, It offers the perfect gateway to the region`s wellness marketplace, and we are excited to have the conference here,” says Sophie Chan; Marketing Manager of Dubai London Clinic who will be representing the Dubai`s veteran healthcare and wellness provider in the conference. She adds “This will be a unique opportunity for plunging oneself in the trends, innovations and opportunities of an industry with a vast growth potential, propelled by the global growth in wellness industry, healthcare and medical tourism.”


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