Over half the world’s population suffers from foul breath at some point in their life. The bad odor develops due to the presence of harmful bacteria in your mouth. These micro-organisms break down what you consume and trap the resultant bad smell within your mouth. Yes, all types of food get stuck in between your teeth, but some of them such as onions and garlic play a key role in developing foul breath. If you are someone who's suffering from such a condition, go through our simple guide.


Brush and Floss Properly


It goes without saying, brushing and regular flossing are some of the necessary dental hygiene procedures one needs to do. Unlike popular belief, doing these procedures just once in a day is not enough. People who suffer from foul breath need to do both of these at least twice-a-day. Regular flossing will help to remove the leftover food stuck between your teeth; if you skip over this, it may result in the growth of plaque. Also, make sure that you change your toothbrush at once in every three months.


Clean Your Tongue Properly


The use of a tongue cleaner will help to avoid the accumulation of halitosis-causing agents in your tongue. When amino acids interact with bacteria, they emit a foul smell similar to that of Sulphur. Ideally, you must clean your tongue once a day.


Hydrate Frequently


Hydration is another way to prevent bad odor. Dry mouth can create an unpleasant smell as low saliva secretion enhances bacterial growth. It is due to this that our breath always smells terrible after waking up. With frequent water in-take, your mouth doesn’t dry out and hence lowers the production of agents that cause foul breath.


Consume Healthy Food


Food items such as radish, onions, and garlic give rise to foul breath. It is because they are ingested and excreted through by the lungs. The only way around this problem is to avoid the intake of acidic and sugary food. Also, consume food that promotes saliva flow, such as whole grains, fruits, and green vegetables.


Use Mouthwash


Mouthwash acts as a short-term remedial measure to fight bad odor. If you are heading out for an important meeting or a party, take a couple of breath mints to cover for the bad smell. We recommend the use of a listerine-free mouthwash with peppermint and fluoride as its primary ingredient to fight foul breath.


Go for Traditional Remedies


Since old times our ancestors have been using a variety of home remedies to tackle bad breath and other dental problems. Fennel seeds, sucking cinnamon stick, eating a clove, etc. are some of the best ways to kill bad odor temporarily.


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