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As we age, our skin gradually slows in its ability to produce collagen and hence starts to lose its resilience. Where our skin was once smooth, wrinkles, folds and fine lines start showing up like cracks in a dry river bed. Moreover, not only we suffer from the gradual loss of volume and definition, we experience the atrophy of subcutaneous tissue (fat) whose presence under our skin confers the rounded appearance of youth; its absence manifests as the gaunt look of the aged!


Are you annoyed by the changes you are becoming aware of on your face as you age? Fortunately, you do not have to live unhappily with an aged appearance! Dermal fillers are there to `plump up` those areas that need help so your face can hold on to the softness and fullness of your younger years.


Dermal Fillers… Whether you are fond of it and believing in its effect or not convinced yet, there is no denying this is one of the most versatile beauty-transforming solutions available to us in the world of aesthetics nowadays. Composed primarily of Hyaluronic Acid, dermal fillers are crystal-clear injectable gels that can rejuvenate, augment and give structure to any part of the face. Hyaluronic acid is a substance found naturally in the skin, which helps in keeping skin hydrated and supple.


Dermal fillers are indicated for the correction of wrinkles, fine lines, depressed scars, nasolabial folds (smile lines), marionette lines (around the mouth), tear troughs (the under-eye groove), as well as restoration of fullness and plumpness to your cheeks. With few millilitres, it can give structure to the jawline and boost facial shape. For those with a naturally weak chin, dermal fillers can be used to define and draw out the face. It can be an ideal solution for those dreaded jowls of the cheek; injecting fillers in the jawline can fill these out and streamline the jaw. Moreover, it can be injected into the lips to add more volume, contour its shape, and create a more luscious appearance. With dermal fillers, you can obtain the voluptuous lips you have always dreamed of!


Dermal fillers represent a safe, effective and non-surgical solution for those who are keen on enhancing their guise and taking years off their appearance. With a treatment time of around 30 – 45 minutes, people can attain immediate results, with long-lasting, safe and naturally-looking enhancement. There is no need to make any modifications to normal life routine after the treatment, and people can go back to work or other activities immediately. Upon injecting the fillers by expert hands, most people can enjoy optimum results for 6 – 18 months.


For maximizing results, dermal fillers may be combined with `skin boosters`. These are micro-injections of dermal fillers which, unlike traditional dermal fillers, are not injected to add volume or bolster shape the face. Instead, skin boosters are injected into the skin to hydrate and improve skin quality especially if combined with other nutritional and moisturizing substances such as amino acids, vitamins and antioxidants. Typically, the two treatments target different layers of the skin; whereas traditional dermal fillers are injected at deeper layers and serve to restore volume to the skin, fill lines/wrinkles and reduce sagging, skin boosters are injected superficially into the top epidermal layer of the skin to enhance skin brightness and quality (elasticity, firmness and texture).


Also, skin boosters may be used separately to improve skin hydration and promote the formation of new collagen and elastin in the long term. People can notice a dewier and more firm skin appearance that is enhanced by a luminous ‘glow’ as a result. It’s the latest non-invasive cosmetic treatment for a brighter, bouncier and more even-textured skin, without the potential stiffness or possible pitfalls of injectable Botox®. Characteristically, skin boosters provide optimal results due to their ability to work from the inside out, stimulating cells of the skin to replenish and rejuvenate. Highly sought after by women and men of various ages and perfect for that `special occasion` glow (e.g. social events, parties, etc.), skin boosters are becoming one the most booked aesthetic treatments up and down the land.


As the quest to preserve youthful looks gains momentum all over the world, a little cosmetic boost can go a long way. The transformations induced by dermal fillers never cease to amaze everyone, being soft and subtle while erasing years from the face.


With results that are beautiful, natural and clock-reversing, dermal fillers and skin boosters represent a great option for those keen on combating the signs of ageing, restoring the youthful touch and contour of their face, replacing lost volume, creating beautiful and captivating lips, or sculpting their cheeks, chin, and jawline. Dermal fillers and skin boosters can go far towards making you feel more confident and stunningly attractive, again


Dr. Umesh Nihalani, MD

Specialist Dermatology

Board Certified Aesthetic Medicine by American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine


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