“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.”

— Confucius


In Dubai London Clinic, doctors, radiologist and the laboratory are designated providers for embassy immigration medical examinations requested by embassies. Immigration medicals require quality controlled designated medical practitioners and this service is provided to the New Zealand, Canadian and Australian Embassies.


Medical immigration examinations required by other countries are performed to the same quality controlled standards and these examinations are carried out every day of the week during clinic hours.



Travel medicine

The clinic has an extensive immunization and vaccination service and provides advice on travel requirements, disease prevention, malaria tablets and general medication. Health advice is given to all types of travellers – counselling/education prior to travel, provision of all immunizations, malaria avoidance counselling, selection and provision of suitable malaria chemoprophylaxis, training on early detection and provision of early treatment for malaria, occupational health medical examinations and pre and post travel medical examinations.


Pre-flight fitness assessments are performed as well as general health assessments prior to travel. The clinic follows the recommendations and guidelines of the CDC, Atlanta, Georgia, USA as well as the World Health Organization.


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