“Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.”

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Dubai London Clinic houses a plastic surgery department offering the complete range of cosmetic procedures and treatments to meet your aesthetic goals. Our Cosmetic surgery service in Dubai provides patients an opportunity to enhance their physical appearance and thereby become more confident. We render a broad range of non-surgical as well as surgical procedures, ranging from liposuction and breast augmentation to hair loss treatment and facial surgery. Our team comprising of the best plastic surgeons in dubai are highly experienced, and we present our patients only with realistic and achievable goals. Contact us today to book a one-on-one appointment with the plastic surgeon of your choice.


Our Cosmetic Surgery Specialties






Hair Transplant:

  • Stem cell hair transplant with micro transplants
  • Classic transplant with mini transplants
  • DHT (direct hair transplant)
  • FUE (follicle unit extraction)
  • Reduction of hairy part of head
  • Correction after classic transplant

Face Wrinkles and Lines:

  • Laser removal of wrinkles, freckles from the face, neck and back of the hand
  • Laser lifting and of face skin, neck skin and back of the hand skin
  • Laser removing of acne scars from face
  • Wrinkle removing from the face and the neck using Botox
  • Chemical peeling of the face and neck
  • Skin treatment with hyaluronic acid


  • Laser correction of cutaneous excess of the upper eyelid
  • Laser correction of cutaneous excess of the inferior, or lower, eyelid
  • Ptosis or drooping of the eyelid
  • Eyelid injuries
  • Laser fat extraction from the upper eyelid
  • Laser fat extraction from the inferior eyelid
  • Fat extraction by transconjunctival method
  • Laser removing of xantelasma (soft yellowish spots or plaques affecting eyelids)
  • Secondary eyelid operations

Nose Correction (Rhinoplasty):

  • Aesthetic nose correction without surgery
  • Aesthetic nose correction with surgery
  • Aesthetic nose correction with cartilage and bone implant
  • Aesthetic nose correction with silicone implant
  • Correction of apex of the nose
  • Correction of nose deviancy
  • Correction of size and extent of the wings


  • Lop ears (folded top) correction
  • Correction of ear deformity
  • Ear injury repair





  • Face lifting (partial and complete)
  • Combined face lift with eye lid correction
  • Temple face lift – slant eyes
  • Mini face lift
  • Secondary face lift
  • Second face lift (after ten and more years)
  • Neck lift
  • Forehead lift
  • Cheek bone correction with implants
  • Cheek bone addition with own fat tissue
  • Lypotransfer- removing the fat tissue
  • Face mini liposuction
  • Scar face correction
  • Laser removing of freckles, scars and other changes on face


  • Chin augmentation with implants
  • Chin reduction


  • Lip augmentation with own fat tissue
  • Lip augmentation with silicone, metacryl, chialuron
  • Lips augmentation with implants
  • Lips augmentation with aloderm or auto transplant
  • Lips surgery with laser


BODY - Breast




Breast Augmentation:

  • Breast augmentation with implants under glands with laser
  • Breast augmentation under the muscle with laser
  • Breast augmentation through the armpit, around areola or under the breasts
  • Re-augmentation (with laser)
  • Re-augmentation and capsulectomy (with laser)
  • Capsulectomy with the same implant under the gland
  • Capsulectomy with the same implant under the muscle
  • Capsulectomy and new implant
  • Removing of implants
  • Correction of breasts augmentation with laser

Breast Form Correction – Mastopecsy:

  • Breast augmentation with vertical lift using Lasus technique
  • Breast augmentation with periareolar lift technique
  • Mastopecsy with breast augmentation

Breast Diminution- Reduction:

  • Breast reduction with vertical lift of Lazur’s technique
  • Breast reduction with reverse T-lift of Strobeck’s technique
  • Breast reduction by liposuction
  • Male breast reduction- Ginecomasty

Breast Correction-Asymmetry:

  • Breast correction by augmentation of one breast
  • Breast correction by reduction of one breast
  • Breast correction by augmentation of one breast and reduction of another breast

Breast Nipple Correction:

  • Nipple reduction, male and female
  • Nipple augmentation with own tissue
  • Nipple augmentation with implant
  • Nipple extract
  • Nipple correction

Breast Tumor Surgery:

  • Remove tumor with PH analysis
  • Biopsy of breast changement
  • Cytologic analysis of breast changes
  • Remove tumor in the breast
  • Remove part of the breast- Quadrantectomy
  • Remove all breast- Mastectomy
  • Breast reconstruction with own tissue
  • Breast reconstruction with implants


BODY – Liposuction




  • Cheek liposuction
  • Chin liposuction


  • Over crank liposuction
  • Under crank liposuction
  • Armpit liposuction


  • Top part of back liposuction
  • Lower part of back liposuction


  • Top part of back liposuction
  • Lower part of back liposuction


  • Liposuction of upper parts of backside
  • Liposuction of inferior parts of backside


  • Liposuction of thighs surface
  • Liposuction of thighs inside
  • Liposuction of thighs front
  • The thigh circular liposuction
  • Knee liposuction
  • Under knee liposuction


  • Laser liposuction all other parts of body
  • “Venus hill” female liposuction
  • “Mons pubis” male liposuction
  • Secondary liposuction
  • All combined liposuctions


BODY – Body Lifting



Body Shape with Lifting:

  • Dermo-lipectomy and Abdominoplastic
  • Mini abdominoplastic (without removing the navel)
  • Abdominoplastic with plastic abdominal wall because of hernia
  • Thighs lifting
  • Backside lifting
  • Backside augmentation and reduction with and without implants
  • Loins lifting
  • Different liftings with big liposuctions

Leg Shape:

  • Calf augmentation with implants
  • Loins and under knee liposculpture


BODY – Surgical and Non-Surgical Corrections




Aesthetic Correction of Genital Organs:

  • Vaginoplasty (vagina correction)
  • Small labia reduction
  • Big labia augmentation with lipofilling
  • “Venus hill” female liposuction
  • “Venus hill” hair transplant
  • Scar correction from episiotomy
  • Aesthetic correction of surface parts of genital organs
  • Penis Enlargement
  • Circumcision
  • Testicle implants
  • Testicle skin augmentation with fat
  • Frenulotomy

Other Interventions:

  • Gynecomastia (chest surgery for men requiring a reduction of fatty tissue in the chest area)
  • Removing of all type of scars, atheroma, lipomas from the body
  • Dupuytren’s contracture
  • Keloid scars
  • Capillary Sclerosation
  • Capillary Electrocoagulation

Skin and Beneath the Skin:

  • Surgery of benign and malign skin and beneath the skin tumors
  • Laser surgery of benign and malign skin and beneath the skin tumors
  • Removing of freckles, nipples
  • Laser removing of tattoos
  • Correction- scar reduction after the surgery
  • Scars correction after burn
  • Acne correction
  • Hypertrophic correction
  • Keloid’s correction
  • Z-plastic
  • Local cut etc.


  • Fist injury
  • Cord injury
  • Nerve injury
  • Fist tumor
  • Dupuytren’ s contracture
  • Fist congenital anomalies





Other Surgery Interventions:

  • Hemorrhoids Sclerosation
  • Binding of hemorrhoids
  • Laser hemorrhoid operation
  • Fissure ani operation
  • Perianale fistule operation
  • Operation of diaphragm hernia with or without mesh
  • Operation of umbilical hernia
  • Operation of Ventral hernia
  • Operation of all other sort of hernia
  • Classic and laparoscopic gall operation
  • Operation of benign breast tumor
  • Operation of malign breast tumor
  • Operation of Pilonidal sinus
  • Operation of Dermoid cyst
  • Removing of strange object
  • Removing of all changes from the body (atheroma, lipomas)
  • Finger amputation
  • Operation of expanded veins
  • Operation of ulcus cruris
  • Operation of hydroceles
  • Operation of varicoceles
  • Frenulotomy
  • Circumcision
  • Raised testicles at children
  • Install the pills against alcoholism
  • Removing of condylomas


Our 4-Step Cosmetic Surgery Process


Once you book an appointment with Dubai London Clinic, you’ll be allotted a date and time to seek the consultation of our plastic surgeon.

Post-Surgery Care

The patient will be made fully aware of the cosmetic procedure and our doctors will also any pressing concerns they might have about the procedure itself.


The cosmetic surgeon will conduct the surgery in a secure environment and with the aid of experienced support staff.


Post-surgery you can evaluate the changes and consult with the doctor if they are in par with your aesthetic requirement.


Why You Should Choose Us

Fast Recovery
Fast Recovery

Whether it was an invasive surgery or otherwise, our cosmetic surgeons will work to ensure your speedy recovery.

Long Lasting Result
Long Lasting Result

At Dubai London Clinic, we work only with best and as such can deliver quality results that will last for a long time.

Minimally Invasive Techniques
Minimally Invasive Techniques

Most of the cosmetic surgery procedures are minimally invasive, which means the wound will heal quickly and you can carry on with your daily routines with ease.


Safety is of utmost priority at our clinic. The surgical procedure is done with utmost care.

Premium Care
Premium Care

You will be provided with the best pre and post-operative care by our staff.

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