Karla Betsabe Pérez Retamales


Physiotherapy, Home Therapy and Fitball Therapy

Karla Betsabe Pérez Retamales is a Chilean Physiotherapist, with international education and practice in therapy and teaching.


Ms. Karla finished internships in Chile in: the Paediatric Respiratory and Trauma and Neurological Units at the Family Health and Rehabilitation Centre Cesfam Alcalde Iván Manríquez Cuevas, Quilpue, Physical therapy at the Traumatologic Medical Center ‘’Comin’, Quilpue, and Fundation Hogar De Cristo, Peñablanca.


She worked under the supervision of a professional physical therapist carrying out a variety of tasks such as:


  • evaluating and confirming medical diagnoses, delivering respiratory therapy and education to pares, Spirometer and flow meter assessments. Most common conditions treated included Bronchitis, Pneumonia, Asthma, Convulsive cough, Flu, Bronchial Obstructive Syndrome
  • therapeutic exercise programs encompassing active and passive ranges of motion, muscle reeducation, ergotherapy, manual therapy and massage and apply heat/water/ice/electrical/light stimulation to the affected areas.
  • educational workshops on Parkinson’s disease, exercises for Diabetic and patients with hypertension, or post-stroke conditions, exercises for women with Urinary Incontinence using Fitballs, exercises for patients with Arthritis, and healthy lifestyle
  • planning and administrating treatments according to the Protocols of the Medical Center, learning the modalities application and therapeutic exercise programs (acute and chronic care setting; 90-bed facility)
  • working in various clinical settings i.e. neuro-rehab, wheelchairs, geriatric community. Working with respiratory, orthopedic, acute neurological and multi-pathology patients

Home therapy

Ms. Karla has a valuable experience in Home therapy, gained in Valparaiso, Chile. For her committed work in this field, she earned repeated commendations from supervisor and patients for the provision of high-quality, compassionate care helping patients to maximise their recovery success.


She is able to deliver:


  • home-based rehabilitation to patients, restoring function and preventing improving disabilities following conditions such as arthritis, stroke, Parkinson’s, fractures, sprains and muscle tear
  • respiratory physiotherapy for adults and children affected by bronchitis, pneumonia, flu and other respiratory diseases
  • planned and administered treatments, modalities and therapeutic exercise programs encompassing active and passive ranges of motion, muscle re-education, kinesiotaping applications, manual therapy and hot/cold packs

Professional experience

Before joining Dubai London Clinic & Speciality Hospital, Ms. Karla worked as Physiotherapist and Fitball Therapist in Spa Del Bosque, Renaca and Trainingmed, Vina Del Mar in Chile, as well as in the Burjeel Hospital For Advanced Surgery in Dubai, UAE. During that time, she provided:


  • outpatient and inpatient Physiotherapy for musculoskeletal pathologies and aesthetic treatments, including such cases as joint surgeries, sport orthopaedics and spine surgeries, sport injuries, workshops for sedentary and athlete patients, and post-surgery rehabilitation
  • planned and administered treatments, modalities and therapeutic exercise programs encompassing active and passive ranges of motion, muscle re-education, massage, Kinesiotaping, functional training
  • education regarding the post-operative care that must be given to reintegrate to normal activities and achieve the full recovery. She advised patients in the safe and effective use of pulleys, weights, inclined surfaces and other equipment prescribed for their treatment
  • group workshop using Fitballs with Osteopathy techniques for patients with back pain, upper and lower limbs
  • organisational management, acting as a deputy Head of the Unit during sickness and annual leave of the director

Education and trainings

  • 2015: Osteopathic Application for Cervicobrachialgias, The Chilean school of osteopathy
  • 2014 : Professional degree of Physical therapist, Universidad de las Américas/Laureate International Universities
  • 2013: Bsc (Hons) In Physiotherapy, Universidad de las Américas/Laureate International Universities
  • 2012: Therapeutic applications with Fitballs (Basic, intermediate and advanced levels), Kineduca sponsored by the Chilean school of osteopathy, Fitball Therapist
  • 2011: Advanced Therapeutic Applications of NeuroMuscular Taping and aesthetics and post-surgery applications, TNM Chile
  • 2010: Basic applications of NeuroMuscular Taping, TNM Chile

Teaching experience

Ms. Karla worked as a Teacher’s Assistant at the Universidad De Las Americas, Vina Del Mar, Chile, where she provided assistance to the professor for Kinetics Evaluation. She was covering a variety of tasks, including answering students’ questions during or following lectures, and training students in Physiotherapy techniques used for patients assessments. She was also delivering clinical cases to classes to prepare students for mid and final exams and conducting researches in Biomechanic laboratories while supporting graduate students’ thesis from within and outside the university.

Special interests

  • Musculoskeletal physiotherapy
  • Sports injuries
  • Patient care
  • Neurological conditions
  • Respiratory physiotherapy

Languages Known

Fluent in Spanish and English

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