The Laser Hair Removal Process

With Laser Hair Removal, you can achieve the smooth skin that you have always wanted, in just a fraction of the time. This process can be applied to every part of the body by directing a highly concentrated beam of light which is absorbed by the dark pigment within the hair. The heat then proceeds to travel down the follicle to neutralize it, destroying the hair shaft and preventing the follicle from being able to regrow any hair.

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The Laser Hair Removal Process

Our laser treatment is suitable for all skin and hair types; however, results may be more visible for those with lighter skin and darker hair due to the laser being able to identify the pigmentation much easier.

How we can help you achieve smooth skin?

In order to ensure each of our customers receive only the highest quality of treatment, each patient will receive a free Laser Consultation from a Dermatologist and a personalized treatment plan based upon their individual hair and skin type. This allows us to calculate the number of sessions required based upon the rate of hair growth.

Our laser treatment works best when the hairs are in their early growth phase, meaning on average 6-8 sessions are required over the course of 12 months to guarantee that all of the hairs are targeted to achieve smooth skin – for life.

You’re only one appointment away from beginning your journey to smooth skin.

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