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When people meet you for the first time, your smile often makes the biggest impression. That’s why individuals with bright, white teeth have so much more confidence. Unfortunately, lifestyle factors such as drinking coffee and smoking can cause teeth to be stained an unsightly yellow. But with the Philips Zoom White- Speed Teeth Whitening System – the world’s No. 1 professional whitening treatment – your smile is immediately transformed!

Working to lighten the natural colour of the enamel, first your teeth undergo a deep clean before all soft tissue is shielded with a protective barrier. Then a unique Zoom gel is applied and activated by a special light emitted from the Zoom lamp. After about three to four cycles the protective gel is removed from the gums and you are greeted with a beautiful, white smile – ready to dazzle those around you!

Aside from the obvious aesthetic benefits, Zoom has one of the shortest treatments of whitening systems, so you won’t be in the chair too long! Zoom also allows the dental hygienist to vary the intensity of the settings to accommodate patients with sensitive teeth.

Fast and convenient

Can lighten teeth by up to eight shades

Offers even, consistent teeth whitening

Brings results that can last for months

Is safe and effective

Boasting one of the leading dental practices in the region, Dubai London Clinic is offering an unbelievable offer this month so everyone can feel and look their best!

We have reduced the price for Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed Teeth Whitening by almost half from AED 2,000 to AED 1,200! The deal also includes FREE Scaling and Polishing.

This offer is only valid until 31 March 2020, so book now!


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