Ear, nose, and throat are important features of a human body that also get easily affected by unfavorable weather conditions. It is essential to have knowledge of all the ENT disorders for prevention, correct diagnosis, and improved treatment.

Causes of ENT problems

Our parts of the body that are exposed to the natural atmosphere are most likely to get negatively affected by weather and its extreme conditions. For instance, winter seasons brings along some serious health issues like a headache, blocked nose, locked ear, and sore throat. It’s not about taking precautionary measures but the environmental pollution that directly affects delicate parts of the body. Other than this, the winter season is not the only cause of all these common problems. In fact, people catch a cold, flu, and fever in summers as well for which the reason is pretty much same.
For this reason, an increased number of people have started consulting specialized doctors from reputable organizations to get the problems treated in the correct manner. Also, ENT problems are usually quite sensitive to deal with apart from regular flu and cold. This is because ear, nose, and throat issues cannot be seen directly as it requires tests and special equipment for diagnosis. You can self-diagnose the issue, take previously prescribed medicines/drops and risk your life or visit an ENT doctor for assurance and unfailing results.When you are suffering from something as painful as shooting pain in the ear or difficulty breathing then the only solution left is to visit an ENT specialist. Below are mentioned some of the causes explained by experts for common ENT problems:

  • Unnecessary consumption of cold water, ice, ice creams, soda drinks, and junk food that consists of harmful ingredients like tartery.
  • Hormonal imbalance or pregnancy complications that lead to slight deafness.
  • Extra or no care of the ear wax as it is supposed to be there but neither too much nor too less.
  • Inherited medical problems like sinusitis or a migraine that cause a frequent headache and eye pain.
  • Not taking bath while considering the fact that letting water inside ears is dangerous to an extent that it can trigger severe types of allergies and infections.

Common ENT problems

A sore throat
A sore throat is the most common of all ENT problems. IT usually happens in winter season but that is also not necessary. The first thing that can be done for its prevention is reduced intake of cold food items and artificial flavors.

Ear infection
An ear infection has several types are caused by things like excess or shortage of earwax, pinching sound continuously felt in the ear, or any other inner ear problem.

Sinusitis causes a frequent headache in dry and cold weather. It happens due to inflammation of a bone inside the nose that causes air blockage.


Although rhinitis is not commonly considered to be treated by an ENT specialist, it is certainly caused by allergy which results in sneezing, coughing, and watery eyes.

Bleeding nose
A bleeding nose is not that common but still happens to people who are highly allergic to dry atmosphere.

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