Dr. Anna Sepiolo


MD, PhD, American Board

Dr Anna Sepiolo is a highly experienced Obstetrician and Gynaecologist who has worked at some of the Europe’s most prestigious hospitals and clinics, including King’s College Hospital in London.

More recently, in response to the growing demand from patients for longevity and healthy ageing, she has focused her practice on the early detection, prevention and treatment of age related conditions. Her goals are to slow down the ageing process, keep the body functioning at its optimum level and to enhance health and well-being. Dr. Siepolo fluently speaks English and Polish.

Special interests

  • Prevention and treatment of gynaecological diseases
  • Pap, HPV, colposcopy, LLETZ, hysteroscopy 
  • Bioidentical hormonal therapy 
  • PCOS, PMS, PMDD, adrenal fatigue, perimenopause, postmenopause
  • Hormonal imbalance programs 
  • Laser and stem cells vaginal rejuvenation
  • Non surgical labia majora lifting 
  • Laser stress urinary incontinence treatment 


  • Double Board in Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Anti-Aging
  • American Board in Anti Aging and Regenerative Medicine
  • Regenerative and Functional Medicine Senior
  • Senior Member of European Society on Aesthetic Gynaecology 


  • International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • European Society of Aesthetic Gynaecology – Senior Member  
  • American Society for Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology
  • European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology
  • North American Menopause Society

Laser: Medical Power of Light

Supported with the latest medical equipment, Dr. Anna Sieoplo offers nonsurgical, non-invasive treatment for urinary incontinence, vaginal atropy and vaginal relaxation syndrome.

The laser treatment is phototermal treatment of vaginal canal that restores vaginal mucosa. This treatment’s advantages compared to other methods of treatment are:  high success rate, safe, quick and non-invasive procedure with no incision , no sutures and no bleeding.

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Intravenous nutritional therapy

The so-called “Myers’ cocktail,” which consists of magnesium, calcium, B vitamins, and vitamin C, is a powerful remedy that has been found to be effective against acute asthma attacks, migraines, fatigue (including chronic fatigue syndrome), fibromyalgia, acute muscle spasm, upper respiratory tract infections, chronic sinusitis, seasonal allergic rhinitis, cardiovascular disease, and many other disorders. It’s a minimally invasive multivitamin mineral treatment given intravenously.

Learn more about the method from the paper by Alan R. Gaby, MD

Therapeutic effects of “Myer’s cocktail

  • Stimulates and increases immune system function
  • Encourages cellular repair and regeneration
  • Accelerates the process of recovery
  • Provides preventative immune support
  • Enhances treatment efficacy
  • Increases energy and improves circulation
  • Increases cellular detoxification and hydrates the body
  • Decreases symptoms related to chronic or acute illness
  • Alleviates nutritional defficiences
  • Increases body’s ability to heal
  • Inhibits disease progression
  • Bolsters cancer-fighting capacity
  • Enhances sense of wellbeing

Dubai London Clinic is happy to have the only MOH approved multivitamin intravenous infusion among the range of wellbeing services offered, Revitalifedrip®.

Why should you take Revitalifedrip®

Revitalifedrip® is the only MOH Approved Multivitamin Mineral Intravenous Infusion made by USA standards Pharmacopeia. It is compounded in a fully septic clean room facility, stable with adjusted solubility/miscibility of active ingredients on the solution. It is freshly prepared, 7 days BUD, with adjusted tonicity and pH of IV Infusions. It has passed Quality Testing as per International Guidelines (USP 797) and it has Multiple Active Ingredients Listing.

Revitalifedrip® with Glutathione

What is Glutathione (GSH)?

Glutathione – aka, “The Master Anti-Oxidant”, is an extremely important molecule found in every human cell, and acts as the main intracellular protector against oxidative stress. It is a tri-peptide amino acid (glutamate-cysteine-glycine) which acts to prevent damage to important cellular components by “Reactive Oxygen Species” (ROS), such as, free-radicals, peroxides, and heavy metals. Glutathione (GSH) acts as our body’s most powerful antioxidant – both directly & indirectly – to preserve and protect ALL cells in the body from “rusting” or oxidation. Because Glutathione is 1 of only 4 main “anti-rusting”/anti-oxidative systems in our body, declining/dysfunction/inadequate levels of intracellular GSH can be devastating.

GSH can directly act as a powerful anti-oxidant by accepting protons from ROS/free radicals, thus neutralizing their ability to cause cellular damage. It can also act as a “secondary anti-oxidant” via “recycling” vitamins C & E, which in turn act to neutralize free radical damage to our cells and DNA. Glutathione/GSH is THE primary protectant of skin, lens, cornea, and retina against radiation damage, as well as, detoxification pathways in the liver, kidneys, lungs, intestinal, skin and other organs that help our bodies to rid itself of everyday toxin exposure (chemicals, drugs, metabolic waste, radiation and even carcinogens.)

Why not just take Glutathione orally?

The Glutathione should be taken intravenously because it has very poor absorption and it is quickly broken down by protease enzymes when taken orally. The IV delivery of GSH is far superior and can be actively utilized by the cells.

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