Experts at Dubai London Clinic shine light on the various myths surrounding paediatric vaccines

The introduction of vaccines for the prevention of health-threatening and often fatal infections was a breakthrough with a dramatic reduction of infant and childhood morbidity and mortality since the 20th century till date.

Below are some of the most common myths about vaccines and its related facts:

Myth #1: Most diseases are not serious

Fact: Diseases against which children are vaccinated are considered serious and health-endangering. They can cause complications and can be life-threatening.

Myth #2: No need for the vaccines as no one gets those diseases anymore

Fact: These health menaces still exist, even if they are rare. Thanks to the zealous regional and international vaccination programs, all vaccine-preventable ailments have declined. But when immunization rates drop, these diseases can come back and hit our communities like a hurricane. With relative ease of travelling and immigration, there is still a risk of these diseases being spread. Unvaccinated children are at risk when such infections are `imported`.

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