Hair Transplant: the most effective way to get your hair back

Nothing degrades our confidence as hair loss. Although it is more evident and present in the population of older men, it happens to all genders, at any age. Causes differ, but the symptoms are the same – complete or partial hair loss. In some cases, this is only temporary, but baldness is chronic. Hair transplant is usually the only, and the best solution, for permanent baldness.d worries.

  • Main causes of hair loss


    If your dad and grandpa experienced baldness, chances are you will lose your hair as well. In most cases, this is irreversible, and the only solution could be a hair transplant.

    Poor nutrition and chemicals

    Lack of minerals and vitamins can lead to poor hair growth and diminishing hair quality. Hence, improving your diet can lead to thicker and healthier hair. There is a difference between complete hair follicle termination and a temporary setback.

    For example, during chemotherapy, all metabolic processes slow down, including keratin production. Therefore, human body stops growing hair, but as soon as chemicals that reduce metabolic processes stop entering the body, production of hair goes back to normal.


    Stress is the primary cause of so-called alopecia areata. It is the case of patchy, temporary baldness, which, if not treated, it could lead to chronic, irreversible baldness. It is not that the stress directly leads to hair loss, but stress messes with our hormonal levels and balances.

    Hair product overdose

    Believe or not, but too much hair product can interfere with your hair growth. Even high-end hair products contain chemicals that can damage our scalp and interfere with hair growth. Although not toxic, these chemicals build up on the skin of the scalp, leaving no room for skin to breathe. Sebum-producing glands get overactive, making your hair greasy. Greasy hair looks less voluminous and not healthy.

    Hormonal disbalance and other medical conditions

    Men tend to get less and less confident in their manhood, as they lose more and more hair. However, the truth is that baldness could be the result of too much testosterone in the body. Our bodies are comprised of numerous functions, and all these functions can be summed up under a couple of physiological systems, such as the nervous system.

    One of these systems is a system of glands. Each gland produces a hormone which then influences other bodily functions. Oil glands are a part of this system, and the ones on the top of our head produce sebum, solid oily matter which hydrates and keeps our hair shiny and healthy. Balance is the key word here. When something goes out of whack in our bodies, we usually can first notice it on our skin, hair, and nails. Other medical conditions that can cause baldness include circulation issues, system diseases, thyroid gland diseases and many more.

  • Hair transplant is sometimes the only viable solution

    Once the hair follicle stops producing new hair, the body produces new follicles, so that we can maintain hair thickness and volume during our lifetime. When the body stops producing new follicles, baldness starts to emerge. Hair grows in phases, and the active growth phase lasts up to eight years.

    Previously mentioned causes are somewhat curable. You can add rich in vitamins and minerals fresh veggies and fruits to your diet. You can treat your primary disease and improve hair growth.

    However, in specific and not so rare cases, the only thing left to do is to undergo a hair transplant treatment. Although the word “transplant” sounds like a severe, complicated, and painful procedure, it doesn’t necessarily have to be. And it is not so at our clinic.

  • Revolutionary and virtually painless hair transplant treatment

    HairStemcell Transplantation*, a method developed by Dr. Coen Gho, is a revolutionary and innovative hair transplant method. This method provides results for both men and women, and is fully personalized. It takes into account factors like hair color, hair structure, as well as hair and skin conditions.

    The most important thing regarding this new method is the fact that it doesn’t leave the donor hairless. Traditional methods of hair transplant leave small incision scars on donor’s scalp. HairStemcell Transplation takes only a tiny part of the hair follicle and its stem cells, which leaves the donor with a healthy follicle organ, which then continues to grow hair normally over the course of weeks.

    This innovative method is painless – only a local anesthetic is applied to both the donor and the patient. There are no surgical nor laser incisions involved.

  • You can grow your eyebrows back

    Baldness is genderless, and it doesn’t affect only the scalp – hairless patches can occur on your cheeks, above your eyes, leaving you awkward and self-conscious. With this hair transplant method, available at Dubai London Clinic, you can regrow your hair virtually anywhere on your body. Our methods allow us to track hair-growth direction, and transfer new follicles accordingly, obtaining a more natural look.
    All procedures are performed by Plastic Surgeons from our clinic who have been trained and certified by the Hair Science Institute. After-treatment follow-ups are scheduled for the day after the procedure, one week after, and 4 and 9 months after.

Consultation is a phone call away

Consultation is probably the most significant step in any procedure. Our doctors will gladly explain the procedure, expected results and provide an answer for all of your treatment-related questions. You can call us today, and we’ll book you the first available time slot. You can schedule an appointment by filling out the online form.

*Divisions of Hair Science Institute support the International Hair Science Institute partners by supplying and distributing the medical equipment, instruments, and materials necessary to perform the HairStemcell Transplantations. Besides training of own personnel, these divisions offer training and educational programs to medical staff from other clinics and institutes and persons active in the hair industry. Hair Science Institute is based in Amsterdam, Maastricht, The Netherland and London, United Kingdom.

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