Teeth whitening treatment by Dr. Nuno Sarmento - Benefits and Disadvantages

Teeth whitening treatments seem to be one of the most common dental procedures. Our respected and experienced General Dentist, Dr. Nuno Sarmento, took his time to explain in more detail the common benefits and disadvantages of teeth whitening procedures.

  • Q: What causes changes in teeth coloration?

    Dr. Sarmento: As time goes by, and as you acquire certain habits throughout your life, your teeth begin to turn yellow. This yellowing can happen due to several factors, among them: cigarettes, foods, and drinks with strong coloring, incorrect hygiene, etc. It is a fact that yellowish teeth often bother people who have to live with them because the aesthetic of teeth is one of the leading concerns of the majority of the population.

    It is at this time that people start considering a dental whitening procedure, in order to be able to enjoy white teeth again. While some people turn to this treatment without thinking twice, others are still against it and prefer to seek alternatives.

    In order to bring some clarity to this, we decided to go through the typical pros and cons of teeth whitening. The following is a list of standard benefits and disadvantages of teeth whitening treatments, provided by
    Dr. Nuno Sarmento


#1Teeth whitening treatments bring fast results

Unlike most other treatments, tooth whitening has immediate results. Just one hour after an in-office application, your teeth can be brightened up to six or eight shades.With at-home treatments, you might need to wait up to fifteen days.

#2It is a fast and easy way to boost self-esteem

Having white teeth again can be a factor of great importance to your self-esteem. You’ll look in the mirror and feel much better, and you’ll smile wherever you go. On the plus side, those who tend to smile more, are happier, because the brain takes a wide smile as a signal that things are going well. However, we are not trying to imply that teeth whitening treatments could be a cure for those who have troublesome thoughts.

# 3 It contributes to general oral hygiene

This is not a direct benefit of teeth whitening itself, but a prerequisite. In order to undergo a tooth-whitening treatment, you must first take care of any and all other dental problems. Usually, active peroxide chemicals are applied only to healthy teeth and gums.

If nothing else makes you eager to deal with your dental issues,a tooth-whitening treatment could be the push you need. Call OUR dental office today and schedule a general dental check-up.

Disadvantages and precautions

#1 Sensitivity

You can expect mild after-treatment sensitivity in your teeth. Although this is not a severe condition, and it only lasts for a few days, some people with low sensitivity threshold are annoyed by their teeth sensitivity. The pain goes away in few days after the treatment. It is a good idea to use some strengthening toothpaste and avoid extreme food and beverage temperature oscillations.

#2 Teeth can and probably will turn yellowish again

This is perhaps the most significant disadvantage of teeth whitening treatment – results are not everlasting. Once you whiten your teeth, you’ll hardly be able to accept darker shades of your smile. Even if you do your best to avoid food and drinks that are inclined to leave stain marks on your teeth, your teeth will probably lose their brightness with time.

Still, the consumption of food and other products that can stain your teeth should be limited or avoided. Some of these products include tobacco, red and white wine, soft drinks, soy sauce, and blueberries. We would strongly suggest that you avoid any artificially colored food, and naturally colored food like tomato juice, blueberries, strawberries, even red meat, and chocolate. Avoid sipping coffee by all means, and stay away from tea, as well. Carrot juice can also stain your teeth, and red wine is no longer allowed for those who prefer their smile to stay white.

# 3 Allergies can occur, but rarely

In some rare cases, allergic reaction to chemicals can occur. Peroxide is usually to blame, and it can cause irritation to the gums. Your dentist will inform you about all technical and medical details and precautions, before the treatment.

Not all teeth whitening treatments are the same, and it’s best that you let professionals whiten your teeth.We would recommend Zoom!® Whitening solution, since the Zoom!® light produces minimal heat, which is usually the source of discomfort. You should also keep in mind that we wouldn’t recommend teeth whitening treatment for children younger than thirteen years old, and pregnant and breastfeeding women shouldalso avoid it.

Whitening treatments may not be as effective for some people as they are for others. You are the one who will decide if a whitening treatment is the right option for you, but you should base this decision on recommendations and opinions provided by your dental caregiver.

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