Specialised care for the Urinary Tract

Dubai London Clinic’s Urologist and Sexologist will ensure your Urinary Tract functions and performs optimally

The Urology Department at Dubai London Clinic offers comprehensive and advanced clinical and surgical care for diseases and malfunctions affecting the Urinary Tract. Headed by the best Urologist Dubai London Clinic has ever recruited, who is renowned for his expertise in, Urology and Sexual Health, Dr. Anis Haddad is also recognized as the best Sexologist Dubai currently has working in the medical sector.

Boasting a wealth of experience in many global and regional hospitals, Dr. Haddad is qualified to treat a vast range of issues and has treated patients from a range of cultural and lingual backgrounds due to his fluency in English, Arabic and French. A Specialist Urologist, Andrologist & Sexologist with more than 17 years of experience in his field, Dr. Haddad is an expert in Sexual Health, Urinary Stones, Female Incontinence, Prostate and Varicocele surgery and is a renowned specialist in Radical Prostatectomy, Hypertrophy, Paediatric Urology, Incontinence Surgery – TOT, Urinary Stones and Sexology.

The Urology Department at DLC deals with many health conditions related to the male reproductive organs, including Prostate, Testes, and Epididymis, with Physicians using the most advanced methods involving both open surgeries and non-surgical, minimally invasive treatments. For those men suffering from Erectile Dysfunction, Dr. Haddad has a plethora of treatment options, including Shockwave Therapy, P-Shot and Stem Cell Therapy, which promise to restore all function to its former glory.

With unparalleled medical knowledge in the management of illnesses such as Kidney Stones, Urinary Incontinence and various types of Cancer, our caring team will put you at ease as they restore you to your best possible Urological health.



Dr. Anis Haddad

Specialist Urologist, Andrologist & Sexologist

Dr. Husam Swar

Specialist Urologist
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