Dr Kutaiba Salman earns accolade at the 5th Annual MENA International Orthopaedic Congress.


Because relentless innovation is vital for the sustained progress in the field of orthopaedic surgery, it comes as no surprise that orthopaedic surgeons have always been at the forefront of introducing novel scientific transformations and technological improvements to lead the way in enhancing patient outcomes.


All over the world, orthopaedic experts continue to strive for advancements in clinical care. They are driven by a sacred commitment to offering their patients the most advanced, effective, and safe non-surgical and surgical treatments made available by inexorable research and scientific breakthroughs. Naturally, they should be mindful of the scientific basis for the various novel treatment options offered to their patients and should be skilful in its use, so that the outcome is optimised successfully and safely. For the successful utilisation of new technologies and treatments, orthopaedic surgeons must continue expanding their knowledge, skills, and understanding.


Notably, orthopaedic conferences present an exceptional opportunity to disseminate and share the most up-to-date strategies and pioneering approaches in the field. These educational events enhance clinical knowledge and learning about the latest in orthopaedic research, innovation, and technology. It advances the skills and performance of orthopaedic surgeons and boosts the quality of their patients` care accordingly.


An initiative by Maarefah, the Annual MENA International Orthopaedic Congress has been developed to provide a ground-breaking and broad overview of the most up-to-date developments in various aspects of orthopaedics; arthroplasty, arthroscopy, spine care, trauma management, orthopaedic oncology, foot and ankle care, podiatry, and sports medicine.


The 5th Annual MENA International Orthopaedic Congress, September 19-21, in Dubai - UAE, brought together leading orthopaedic surgeons, assiduous leaders, business delegates, departmental heads, researchers, and educators to share knowledge and experience about the latest evidence-based clinical data with the aim to underline and attain a better consensus on the most advanced strategies in the prevention and management of common orthopaedic challenges.


Through a rich array of presentations, discussions, and workshops, the Congress offered a unique educational programme with a significant focus on innovative ideas, thoughtful insights and reviews of the latest developments in the field of orthopaedics.


Contributing to the success of the Congress as a member of the speakers` panel, Dr Kutaiba Salman; the orthopaedic surgery veteran of the Dubai London Clinic and Speciality Hospital, received the certificate of appreciation from the congress chairman for his presentation and distinguished support. Dr Kutaiba, whose presentation on local antibiotic delivery in chronic osteomyelitis was highly acclaimed, states “Definitely it is an honour to be involved in such a prominent event. The Congress has been an amazing experience and a big success, thanks to the high quality of the scientific content and the diverse range of presentations”.


When expertise is blended with compassion … Meet Dr Kutaiba!

Trained at some of the top hospitals in Scandinavia, including the world-famous Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark which takes pride in being one of the leading and largest orthopaedic surgical and trauma centres in Europe, Board-certified Dr. Kutaiba Salman has earned a reputation of excellence in orthopaedic surgery by providing personal consideration and compassionate care, and it shows in patient outcomes. His philosophy of care is deeply rooted in his dedication to all aspects of his patients' well being.


Dr Kutaiba stays current with the latest orthopaedic research to offer his valued patients the most advanced and innovative therapeutic techniques and procedures. He dedicates his time to educate his patients, making them understand what is involved in their treatment and what is needed to get them to their desired goals. His mindset is always patient-centred; doing what is right for his patients, helping them get better the quickest and safest way, and certainly striving to avoid surgery if possible. And then if surgery is a necessity, he uses the latest and most effective surgical techniques and technology.


His expertise encompasses a comprehensive array of non-surgical and surgical musculoskeletal services including arthroscopic surgery, elbow and shoulder surgery, hand and wrist surgery, ankle and foot surgery, sports medicine, spine care, pain management, wound and infection surgery, work-related musculoskeletal injuries, and urgent orthopaedic care.


“It is greatly rewarding to help people get back to doing the things they want to do with their lives," says Dr Kutaiba. He adds," The Dubai London Clinic and Speciality Hospital is the kind of place where you are regularly challenged by the most difficult cases, and I appreciate that fact. What is gratifying is that I am surrounded by competent doctors in various medical specialities, and we function as a team on every aspect of our patients` care once they enter the hospital”.


At the Dubai London Clinic and Speciality Hospital, we deliver quality healthcare with compassion and respect based on our pledge to enhance the community's health through excellence, innovation and ground-breaking technology. We challenge ourselves by setting highly-ambitious goals, and we pride ourselves by relentlessly meeting them. Strategically positioned in six locations within the city of Dubai, the Dubai London Clinic and Speciality Hospital is determined on setting new standards of excellence in patient care for the local and wider community.


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