Discover tips and tricks to stay clear of the flu season in Dubai


To ensure that you and those whom you love the most are protected, here are some valuable facts about this un-welcomed intruder called `flu` and its vaccine so you can seek its prevention and stay properly and thoroughly informed:


Common Cold vs. Flu


Worldwide, these 2 terminologies are commonly used synonymously by people as they both cause similar airway symptoms and complaints, but mark my words, there is a difference: the flu is more severe than the common cold and they are caused by different viruses.


The cold usually presents with a cocktail of simple runny nose and headache with a possible low-grade fever and is most commonly caused by rhinoviruses (among others). Meanwhile, the flu hits like a fast-moving train with complaints of high fever, sore throat, dry cough, possible runny nose, body aches and fatigue and is caused by influenza viruses.


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