With excitement already in the air all over Dubai as EXPO 2020 is about to kick off, and with the major feats being achieved by the Government of Dubai towards making the population of the beautiful emirate healthier and happier, the community looks forward for the private healthcare sector to play a foremost role in raising the quality of healthcare to international best practice standards, and thus transforming Dubai into a regional hub for elite healthcare.


Dubai London Clinic; veteran healthcare provider and one of the leading private medical organizations in Dubai, has always been at the forefront of the private sector`s efforts to respond to the growing demands for quality healthcare, by bringing world-class care and the latest in healthcare technology, in addition to strengthening awareness about lifestyle-related health challenges and encouraging the community to promote healthy lifestyle practices.


“We really are committed to the community we are pledged to serve” says Bharat Ratteshwar, Executive Director of Dubai London Clinic “Not only do we have 6 strategically-located state-of-the-art multispecialty medical branches throughout the city of Dubai, we also take the time to collaborate with renowned partners in our region to benefit our city as a whole.”


Dubai London Clinic is so pleased to announce a new partnership with Dubai`s elite “The Track, Meydan Golf” managed by Troon; the global leader in Golf and Club Management. The renowned Pay & Play golf course is where Golf lovers head over for a laid back day on the greens. The distinctive, player-friendly and unique fairways, at the world-famous Meydan racecourse, make the golf experience accessible and appealing to everyone. Measuring at a total of 7334-yards, the Meydan golf course allows both the low and high handicap to enjoy 9 or 18 holes of Golf, and a wide array of training programs at the Meydan Academy by Troon for all golf fans on all ability levels. The experience is indeed like no other in the UAE.


This new partnership will facilitate Dubai London Clinic`s longstanding mission of advocating health and wellness, and spreading awareness about the importance of adopting healthy lifestyles. “It`s obvious that the government is striving to set the framework for preventative care and community empowerment through policies and regulations, but surely it cannot do that alone. The private sector opportunities to promote Dubai community`s healthy living are sprouting at a brisk pace … and that`s where we excel” states Sophie Chan, Marketing Manager for Dubai London Clinic.


To promote health for our community, collaboration between various institutions is the only way to ensure the health of a population. The partnership between Dubai London Clinic and The Track, Meydan Golf presents a role model for the increasingly important role of health and wellness promotion to improve health and enhance the quality of life of the population at large.



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