Whether it is a pickup football match or an organised tennis tournament, playing sports can make you healthier and more energetic because of the physical activity implicated. It is a deluge of benefits: sports contribute to proper muscle development, boost heart health, and protect you from diseases. Globally, it is acknowledged that regular physical activity, which can be achieved through sports involvement, is linked to positive health outcomes because it can reduce the risk of many chronic diseases such as obesity, heart diseases, type II diabetes, hypertension, and osteoporosis.


Moreover, it is not just your body that reaps all the benefits! Whether you are playing sports, working out in the gym, or only taking a brisk walk every morning, physical activity contributes to your mental and emotional well being. It helps to enhance your mood and concentration, reduce stress, prevent depression, and boost self-esteem and body image.


The Dubai London Clinic and Speciality Hospital has always been dedicated to promoting and encouraging healthier lifestyle choices, with a strong emphasis on the importance of sports and physical activity for preventative health and wellness. We believe that when people are physically fit, their productivity increases; their quality of learning improves; their healthcare-related costs decrease, and accordingly, the community thrives. Undoubtedly, communities that cherish the merits of sports and physical activity enjoy positive social interactions and develop firm social bonds, and the people are more healthy and better-off than those where physical activity is not a priority of life.


Our community's sport sector is a significant contributor to the endorsement of health and well being. Sports clubs are ideal partners for community-based physical activity promotion, and they can play a vital role in tackling many of our community's public health concerns. Over the past two decades, the Dubai London Clinic and Speciality Hospital has been collaborating with various sporting organisations, ranging from community-based clubs to the most prominent national sports associations. Our long-standing partnership with sport is vital for achieving our goals of increasing participation in physical activity, promoting healthy lifestyles and wellness, preventing non-communicable diseases, and enhancing the quality of life.


Boastfully, the Dubai London Clinic and Speciality Hospital is two years into a prolific partnership with the highly-reputed C.F. Tennis Academy in Dubai, making the hospital the official healthcare provider for the academy. “Our objective is to promote optimum health and disease prevention. We strive to increase awareness of activities for promoting health in our community through sponsoring sports and supporting clubs that incorporate involvement in healthy pursuits,” states Sophie Chan; Marketing Director at the Dubai London Clinic and Speciality Hospital.




Founded in Dubai in 1997 by the veteran tennis coach; Clark Francis, CF Tennis Academy has become synonymous with tennis in the U.A.E. and has rapidly established itself as the #1 tennis academy in the region.


C.F. Tennis Academy has dominated the tennis horizon through its attention to detail and the highest levels of customer care and professionalism. The range of services on offer has expanded across the U.A.E. in the last few years and can now be found in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Fujairah. C.F. Tennis Academy is proudly affiliated with Tennis Emirates, the governing body of tennis in the U.A.E.


The entire pyramid of player development is covered; from the complete beginner to the fully accomplished tennis player, from club player wishing to play competitive league matches to the seasoned pro.


C.F. Tennis Academy offers fantastic programs with a large variety of activities including adult programs such as leagues, ladies mornings, cardio tennis and club nights, as well as junior programs and tournaments catering to red, orange, green and yellow tennis players. The Adidas Junior Masters Series is our showcase tournament, with the grand prize of a V.I.P. all-expenses-paid trip to the French Open, Roland Garros.


In conclusion, optimum health is a fundamental human right and everyone shares in the responsibility for promoting it. Sport and regular physical activity can help resolve some of our community's most challenging health problems and lead the way in enhancing physical and mental health across the community. As an advocate of health, the Dubai London Clinic and Speciality Hospital is keen on nurturing strategic alliances with reputed national sport organisations to strengthen health promotion actions and foster community well being.

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