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— George Eliot

No Hair? We Care!

Virtually painless HairStemcell Transplantation

Dubai London Clinic & Speciality Hospital in cooperation with Hair Science Institute

As the result of 20 years of research and clinical experience, doctor and researcher Dr. Coen Gho and his team of experts have patented a revolutionary method in hair transplantation that swiftly surpassed all traditional methods available. HairStemcell Transplantation (HST) provides personalized approach to hair transplantation for both women and men, determined by hair colour, hair structure and general condition of hair and skin.

How does it work?

With this technique, only part of the hair follicle and its stem cells is removed, so the remaining and transplanted stem cells stimulate new hair growth in a matter of weeks, generating the same quality hair as the existing. A full hair growth cycle lasts nine months, and then the final results are visible.

Natural look

In traditional methods, a strip of skin is cut from the back of the head and transplanted, leaving a donor with a scar. This strip is then cut into micro or single graft transplants and then replaced. In some other methods, the follicles are manually removed one by one.

HairStemcell Transplantation managed to avoid all these problems with exceptionally small dimensions of the needle allowing the utmost precision. Specialists in this procedure can even determine the growth direction of the new hair, for the most natural looking results. Moreover, neither the donor’s transplantation area nor the recipient’s get damaged in the process.

Virtually painless

With this advanced technique, there is no painful operation involving surgical incisions, subsequent scars and post-operative pain. A local anaesthetic is administered in the treatment area with a new, virtually painless anaesthetic device created especially for this technique. The transplantation is done without pain or post-operative issues.

Unlike with conventional cutting and laser methods, after this treatment the donor hairs also regrow, allowing consecutive treatments with the same donor.

Wide spectrum of application

HairStemcell Transplantation has been developed for both women and men of different ages who need hair transplantation either for aesthetic or cosmetic reasons. It is not exclusively created for scalp hair, but also for eyebrow, moustache, or beard growth, treatment of scars and burn wounds. It is also convenient for afro-textured hair.

Excellent before and aftercare

All procedures are performed by Plastic Surgeons from our clinic who have been trained and certified by the Hair Science Institute. Technicians and medical doctorskeep in touch with the patients from the moment they enter the clinic, during consultation and before & after the treatment. Personal follow-ups are done after one day, one week, 4 months and 9 months.

Proof of quality

Hair Science Institute, is based in Amsterdam, Maastricht, The Netherland and London, United Kingdom.

Divisions of Hair Science Institute, support the International Hair Science Institute Partners by supplying and distributing the medical Equipment, instruments and materials to perform the HairStemcell Transplantations. Besides training of own personnel, this division offers training and educational programs to medical personnel from other clinics and institutes and persons active in the hair industry.

Results guaranteed!

More than 10,000 successful transplants during the past 10 years, all over the world

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