Your health is our priority. With a comprehensive range of targeted Health Packages on offer, some of which are detailed below, our expert doctors can do in-depth checks to track any changes in your body’s structure and function, highlight any potential concerns, and offer advice and the next steps to ensure you remain in optimum health.

Before committing to a specific package, we offer both Tele-Consultations as well as Consultations at our clinics and hospital, where our Specialist Doctors can advise you on the package best suited to your individual needs.

 Once a package has been chosen, you can opt to complete it at one of our Clinics and hospital or in some cases, from the comfort of your own home. We are proud to be the only Healthcare provider in Dubai to offer Home Screenings as part of our package offerings.

Cancer Marker Packages

Suitable for both men and women, these tests trace for Biomarkers, which are specific substances triggered by the presence of Cancer Cells or Tumours and are present in unusually high levels in the blood, urine, or tissues of patients with Cancer. Our experienced team will determine if you have these Biomarkers in your body and if so, in what amounts. They can then advise you on any further action that is wise to take.