Dr. Mogamat Sharief Fortunec

General Practitioner

  • Cheerful and witty character, who contributes to a jovial atmosphere in the work environment (particularly beneficial in releasing stress in the emergency unit)
  • Values the ‘human touch’ and the spiritual element to healing and medical practice – prioritizes meaningful listening, caring, compassion, as well as treating every patient with dignity
  • Skilled at building rapport and communicating effectively
  • Sensitivity to multicultural diversity and potential language barriers – always asks open-ended questions
  • Thrives on challenges and self improvement
  • Capacity for objective self examination and self criticism in order to achieve personal and professional development
  • Strives for continuous learning through research and the reading of traditional and current medical literature
  • Thrives in an environment where spreading knowledge, coaching and mentoring are valued
  • Self-motivated, driven and inspired by the accomplishments of others
  • Self-motivated, driven and inspired by the accomplishments of others
  • Strong character with courage of convictions – enjoys offering opinions and advice
  • Assertive and confident attitude, yet equally receptive to the ideas and opinions of others
  • Makes a concerted effort to understand the other point of view
  • Highest level of integrity and trustworthiness
  • Respect for people at every level
  • Significant asset to any team as a participative and supportive team player
  • Understands group dynamics – appreciation of team interdependence and the critical contribution of each individual’s role to achieve a common objective
  • Assumes the leadership role when required yet equally comfortable to follow and support the lead of others
  • Highly organized – scrupulous attention to detail
  • Diligence, task focus and professionalism
  • Exceptional time management, prioritization of tasks and respect for punctuality
  • Delivers results – perseveres with determination to ensure successful completion in all endeavours
  • Passionate dedication in the pursuit of healing

Professional Development Courses

  • Paediatric Advanced Life Support
  • The Consult, Ethics and Evidence-based Medicine Modules in Family Medicine
  • Pharmaceutical Dispensing Course
  • South African Medical Journal Continued Professional Development
  • Small Surgical Procedures
  • Introduction to obstetric ultrasound
  • UN Peacekeeper, Democratic Republic of Congo, Medical Support
  • Diving Medicine for Medical Officers
  • Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support
  • Healthcare Provider(Basic Life Support)
  • Lifeskill’s Programme for Medical Students
  • First Aid: Level 1
  • Computer Courses : Modules 1-7

Special interests

Martial Arts (Aikido),  Motorcycling, Running, Swimming,  Science

Languages Known

English, Afrikaans
Arabic (conversational / read / understand); Xhosa (medical / conversational)


  • Intern (Post Graduate Training year 1)
  • Medical Practitioner (Post Graduate Training year 2)
  • Pharmaceutical Dispensing License

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