Dr. David Egbert brings along more than 34 years of experience in caring for the health and development of children from birth through early adulthood

Going back to the origins, Dr. David is proud to be molded from some of the best institutions in one`s life.

He started his schooling at the most prestigious college in India; La Martiniere College, Lucknow – India which has a long heritage of educational excellence; being founded at the explicit will of a noble Frenchman; Major General Claude Martin in 1845. Until today, it boasts being the only institution in the country which has a golf course for its students, and that`s in addition to its numerous state-of-the-art other facilities.

Having already accumulated all the class credits needed to graduate, Dr. David moved on to the next best medical institution in the country; The Christian Medical College(CMC) in India. This is an over a hundred years-old institution founded by a British missionary; Dame Edith Brown in 1896 as the first medical training facility for women (initially) in Asia. CMC is ranked among the top ten medical schools in a vast, semi-continental country that harbors more than four hundred medical schools.

Dr. David successfully completed his primary medical studies (MBBS). He didn’t spend much time in medical school wondering what field to go into. He’d wanted to be a pediatrician since childhood and whenever someone asked him why, he would always give the same answer “Growing up, I have always loved being around kids, there`s nothing else I could see myself doing”.

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