Getting on someone’s nerves does have a medical basis. Neurological Physiotherapy directs its skill to giving relief to those with problems of the brain, spinal cord, and the general nervous system.

The brain adapts to adverse situations and with a little help from experts this process can be speeded up. Patients might find that their condition is hindering their mobility, their muscle strength and sense of balance.

Strokes, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinsons and ALS are some of the conditions where Dubai London Clinic therapists are fully trained to make individual assessments and create a programme that restores normality.

Following injury, muscle strength and movement may be affected; muscles may become weak or tight with spasms. Neurological Physiotherapy slows down the physical deterioration as it uses tried and tested techniques like sensory stimulation, postural guidance, mental exercises, while also encouraging the performance of day-to-day tasks under supervision to heighten agility and co-ordination. This is also an ideal choice for children with disabilities and we have recorded marked improvement in cases where patients are limited in their functional mobility.


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