Dubai London Clinic’s team of expert Paediatric Physiotherapists are renowned for their family-centred, holistic approach to tackling movement dysfunctions in children. They see each child as an individual with specific needs, regardless of the genetic disorders and syndromes or congenital anomalies that might be present.

A Paediatric Physiotherapist may help to enhance the development of a child through:

  • Positioning during daily routines and activities to promote and maintain good postural alignment which forms a base to facilitate motor development & function.
  • Adapting toys for play to explore and enhance opportunities for motor learning.
  • Expanding mobility options so that the child can interact more with his/her surroundings and learn.
  • Using adaptive or assistive equipment effectively to promote independence and participation.

Through open communication and thorough evaluation, they create a bridge of mutual understanding between the child, the procedures and the child’s family and formulate an individually tailored treatment plan to achieve appropriate goals.

Structured play activities take the form of therapeutic exercises designed to build strength, improve muscle co-ordination, redefine motor skills, develop cognitive abilities and aid sensory, neuromotor and cognitive development.


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