Aimed at maintaining and improving the general health and ability of elderly individuals, Dubai London Clinic’s elderly physio division is designed to give older patients a new lease on life through proper care and a regimen of physical activity that is monitored professionally.

After a full functional assessment of their state of health our expert team of physiotherapists create a bespoke programme that has both long term and short-term options.

Their joy is reward itself as the quality-of-life manifests itself through increased activity. Not only do they get fitter and feel younger, but they also regain confidence and independence. This improved mobility also dramatically cuts the risk of falling, becoming depressed and enables them to carry out daily tasks, thus improving their quality of life. Now, life is a walk in the park again and whether it is from just age or coupled with rehabilitation initiatives, this process is more than worth it and integral to anti-ageing.

Those who benefit most from Elderly Rehabilitation include people who have:

  • Recently deteriorated range of mobility
  • Recently been discharged from hospital
  • Fallen or have a high risk of falling
  • Recently had an accident
  • Pain that is limiting them
  • Recently had an operation
  • An interest in improving their independence and functional abilities


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