Nobody wants to be fat but often obesity is mishandled or indulged in. At Dubai London Clinic we have a clear insight into the psychological and physical aspects of being overweight and how the mindsets can be changed. For anyone with a high BMI any weight loss is healthy, and this is what we strive to attain. We first target diet and exercise, modifying and reworking calorie intake.

With the GCC having an exceedingly high rate of obesity (24% of men and 40% of women) this state is a medical emergency because it leads to a Pandora’s box of ailments. The presence of an expert guide and the teamwork approach of Dubai London Clinic is what motivates a person into staying the course and fighting temptation. This surrender is the biggest obstacle, but we persevere together and ensure a permanent solution. The same holds good for children who are obese.

A treatment plan for an obese patient may comprise of:

  • Provision of personalised lifestyle advice, taking into account individual attitudes, beliefs, circumstances, cultural and social preferences, and readiness to change
  • Prescription, supervision, and progression of appropriate physical activity to increase muscle strength, flexibility, and endurance, and sustain energy output to enhance and maintain weight loss under safe and controlled conditions
  • Management of associated conditions such as arthritis, back pain, and other musculoskeletal and chronic conditions, such as heart disease
  • Co-ordination of comprehensive and sustainable programmes of management in collaboration with service users, other health and social care professionals, and community services

With increased physical activity, a reduction in discomfort from associated ailments like arthritis or back pain or sheer lethargy, a patient feels there is hope.


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