Muscle pain can now be tackled with trigger point dry needling. Dubai London Clinic’s expert team of fully trained musco-skeletal physiotherapists can restore normal muscle and joint function by employing a solid filament needle to treat muscle trigger points. These trigger points develop in muscle for various reasons, including referred or local pain, inflammation, athletic injury or other causes.

The dry needling technique is used as an adjunct to our hands on Physiotherapy approach and assessment to decrease pain and restore function.

This is not oriental acupuncture but a more western world procedure in which the target is the irritable spot in a taut mass of muscle fibres that cause the pain and reduce muscle performance.

What the dry needle does is stimulate the muscle creating a deliberate twitch and spasm that enlivens and modifies the specific muscle by lessening the stiffening within. This methodology has a relieving effect and eases discomfort even if it has been in your joints, nerve, and vascular tissue for a prolonged period.

Dry needling is highly effective for chronic muscle pain and repetitive sport injuries.


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