As we age, our skin gradually slows in its ability to produce collagen and hence starts to lose its resilience. Where our skin was once smooth, wrinkles, folds and fine lines start showing up like cracks in a dry river bed. Moreover, not only we suffer from the gradual loss of volume and definition, we experience the atrophy of subcutaneous tissue (fat) whose presence under our skin confers the rounded appearance of youth; its absence manifests as the gaunt look of the aged!

Do electronic devices come up in conversations with patients about hand or wrist pain? Indeed, this is a familiar account for so many: after hours of typing away on my computer or scrolling through Facebook on my Smartphone, I feel a twinge of pain in my hand, or the need to flex my wrist! 

HOW CAN PORCELAIN VENEERS STUNNINGLY TRANSFORM YOUR SMILE? It is finally the weekend… Friday night… You are at a friends’ gathering… No doubt pictures will be taken for the treasured memories and next thing you know, the pictures will be uploaded on social media before the end of the night spreading like “fire in hey”….

The day`s just starting and I`m already exhausted… Why am I feeling so drained all the time?? Do you often ask yourself “Why am I so tired all the time?” If so, then this article could be the perfect read for you. Attempting to describe your fatigue to someone who has never experienced it before…

Have you ever held back your smile in photos? Or felt socially awkward for not having a welcoming smile? Well, some people are blessed with naturally beautiful teeth, while others have invested in dental treatments to give them their confident and youthful smiles. Professionals can completely transform your smile using ceramic restorations like veneers, crowns,…

It goes without saying that having a head-full of hair is as fundamental to men as it is to women. To women, it has been a chief accessory of beauty ever since the dawn of history, and for men, it augments their sense of maleness, enhances their looks and makes them feel being more attractive.

There’s no denying the fact that obesity has been on the rise worldwide for decades. For obese people, the issue is much more risky than being related to cosmetic guise. 

Think about it… Your smile is among the very first things people notice about you. Undoubtedly, a dazzlingly-straight smile emits confidence and boosts the person`s self-esteem which reflects positively on his personal life and professional career.

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