It`s a well-known fact that a doctor`s visit is not the type of activity most people would be looking for eagerly, it can be worrying, inconvenient and even nerve-racking sometimes!

By definition, stem cells are precursor cells that can self-renew or duplicate with the capability of transforming into more cells of the same type or multiple other types of cells. They are able to differentiate into cells of skin, heart, bone, muscle, cartilage, hair, brain, etc. In essence, it represents “blank slates” that can evolve into whatever the body needs and replenish the dead cells of various organs in adult human body.

Recently, we opened another branch of compassionate healthcare, for the convenience of another local community in Dubai. Designed to provide our well known healthcare in amidst of a shopping hub, Dubai London Clinic branch in Al Thanya Shopping Centre is centred around a large branch of Waitrose

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