As they say “prevention is better than cure,” the statement holds true in the case of tooth decay. Such a condition not only damages your physical appearance but can also cause severe pain. Read through to learn some simple preventive measures you can adopt to avoid tooth decay.

It is essential to fight and control bad breath. Not only can foul breath embarrass you, but it is more often than not a gateway problem to more severe oral issues. Mentioned in this article are some tips which will assist you in fighting foul breath effectively.

Wellness, in its variable forms, was often perceived by the majority as a luxury commodity that`s exclusively accessible to the wealthy. Likewise, wellness spas were considered as merely the providers of lavish pampering and beauty services for the well-off sectors of any society.

According to the WHO, depression is the leading cause of ill health and disability worldwide

What is Physiotherapy and how can it help your Ankle pain? Physiotherapists are experts in helping people maintain the ability to move and function throughout their lives. We use our extensive knowledge of how the body moves and…

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