How many women have spent countless nights with interrupted sleeps, forced to sit upright with distressing wrist pain shooting up the arm with a sense of pins and needles in the hand and having to `shake out` their hands in a futile attempt to relieve the anguish!

Most probably everyone has done it one time or another, and quite so many all over the world are doing it as a daily routine of life; whipping out the cell phone, extending the arm, bending the wrist and snapping a photo or two of themselves

Dentist: Did you feel anything?
The patient: Have you already started? 
Indeed, it`s a universal phenomenon. In general, few people look forward to a spell in the dentist`s chair. Actually, people don’t look forward to their dental appointment any more than they look forward to their visit to the doctor.

Who hasn`t heard about the dangers of texting while driving, or the impact too much texting can put on the neck with increased incidence of muscle strain, pinched nerves and/or herniated discs. But there’s another less-obvious, yet very common, risk to overusing your smart phone that you may not be aware of: Texting Thumb (known medically as De Quervain`s Tenosynovitis).

With excitement already in the air all over Dubai as EXPO 2020 is about to kick off, and with the major feats being achieved by the Government of Dubai towards making the population of the beautiful emirate healthier and happier, the community looks forward for the private healthcare sector to play a foremost role in raising the quality of healthcare to international best practice standards

An orthodontist diagnoses overcrowded mouths, misaligned jaws and teeth, occlusion, and overbites.  They play a very important role for our dental health. A lot of people believe that only young people are supposed to have a regular visit to orthodontists. But this assumption is flawed. Even the old need orthodontic services too. 

If you want to see a cardiologist, it is important to come prepared. You may not have all the questions you want to ask in your head. Even if you know exactly what you want to find out, you can forget one or two things during the discussion. So, it’s important to get well prepared before visiting your cardiologist. The following are tips that can help you have a successful appointment with your cardiologist.

How many times you`ve thought it`s about time to do something about that painful, large and unsightly bump protruding out of the outside of your big toe joint? World-widely known as `bunion` (or `hallux valgus` as doctors prefer to name), this bump is a deformity of the joint between the foot and the big toe (metatarsophalangeal joint) and in which the joint is pushed outward and away from the foot, causing the big toe itself to point inward toward the other toes of the foot.

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