Prostate is a small male gland which sits at the base of the bladder, through which urethra passes (through which we pass urine) it’s a size of a walnut.

When it comes to Rosacea, most dermatologists do agree upon the fact that their patients seem to have some version of the same complaint, being repeated over and over again:

The relationship between our skin and the sun is quite intricate! On the bright side, sun rays have several beneficial effects on the skin, such as Vitamin D production. However, there is also a notorious dark side; the excessive exposure to sun rays poses substantial risks to our health, especially to the skin.

An organisation is nothing but a common platform where people from different cultures, backgrounds, specialities, and educational qualifications team-up and work in unity to achieve specific targets and fulfil common goals.

The history of surgical procedures reaches back to the Stone Age and pre-history eras. With humans discovering the benefits of handling primitive tools, they have long employed their budding talents to invent various surgical techniques, every time more sophisticated than the ones before. 

Even if you enjoy watching hospital dramas played on TV, you cannot help but feel nervous about what happens inside the operating room. When it comes to the need for surgical intervention, the experience can be that worrisome. What you feel depends mainly on the approach and technology used to treat your specific illness or injury.

What an easy decision to make when you are choosing the clothes you wear, the morning drink once you reach the office, the food you will have for lunch, and the place you are going to on the weekend. In fact, you are taking lots of decisions every day, mostly without a second thought. However, would this be the case when it comes to deciding on starting a Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

Sensitive matters like erectile dysfunction often top the list of taboos that many men shy away from talking about. Regretfully, this ‘bear it quietly and carry on' attitude means that many prefer suffering in silence rather than having to endure the embarrassment or `shame` of speaking it out, even confidentially to their doctor. Being ignorant about the cause of their weak erection and also far from certain about what treatment could be effective for them can be so distressing, frustrating, and even nerve-wracking sometimes.

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